Friday, November 18, 2011

my dad

All these are not me.. its my dad.. affindi when he was about our age :)

I'm back and I'm six!

wooooooowww.. its been a while since i wrote on this blog...
since the last updated news of i'm three in 2008.. now,
I'M SIX! and just finished my kindergarten years @ sri Kamariah..
today is the last day of school.. a long holiday before I join year 1 in 2012..
i have a sister now, she's nur qaseh.. my small brother has grown up to be a healthy brother of 3 years old.. he love dancing, reading muqadam, games in ipad n iphone.. shopping.. goreng pisang, nasik with kicap..
qaseh on the other side, is the bully in the house.. she's pretty n cute and exceptionally love to pick on Raul and me..
mommy has grown wider.. daddy has a little tummy now though he actively plays basketball..
some photos to share with you..

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

blurry image of me baca doa makan.. :P

Bloooooowwwwwwww the candle!


Well my birthday is on the 29th of August.. that day I was in Kelantan to celebrate ramadhan with my Tok Ma.. Everyone wish me happy birthday even auntie Mayee message mommy conveying my wishes..

anyway.. yesterday mommy finally bought my birthday cake..

i was so excited.. finally its MY cake! i choose my own cake at Season house.. blow the candle and ate Chocolate toppings sampai habis..i even lick my cake while my mom busy looking for matches to light up my 3 candles..

hehe finally i'm three!

Happy birthday to me!

oh ya.. we ate during buka puasa.. you can see a lot of mee, laksa, kuih.. and the other half of the table.. uuu you dun wan to many food by uncle wan!

Friday, August 15, 2008

heppi besday Sabrina kekasih lama

its my cousin bday the other day.. i gave her set of 4 pop-up story books!

heppi birthday Bina...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

I went to Kebun for fruit picking!


last week (3rd August 08) I join my mommy n daddy together with their office mates for a picking fruits session at Rengit, Uncle Farid's kampung..
we had Durian, Manggis, Rambutan and Pulasan. We also went lepak at the beach.. but no swimming..low tide...
then we went shopping buying kerepek at Azhar's food gudang.. so so many food!
then we off to see 2nd hand goods at some road in Rengit.. lastly we ended the whole day trip dining seafood at Tg Piai, the southernmost point of mainland Asia!
we had Fresh Prawn goreng butter, Black pepper Crab & Sweet sour Crab, Tom Yam Campur, Sotong Baby Masak Pedas, Steamed Fish and rice... i ate a lot..
we didn't bring raul cos its too far and too hot for him.. he left with tok ma at home ..

Monday, June 23, 2008

tok ma visits!

my brother raul iman

my tokma and a-chu came to johor to visit my brother and me.. they took train from kelantan and arrive on monday morning. mommy go pick them up while i was in school..they stayed for 4 days. mommy bring tokma around shopping and dining... we had a lot of fun! tok ma said raul look like daddy when he was small.. except that daddy was darker when he was little.

i miss them..

owh before that...on the friday n saturday, abe came with his wife aunty rini to jb too.. they send daddy car. we went to find dvd for rm4 each..i bought power rangers dvd.. mommy bought about 10 dvd with daddy.. abe bought 3 dvd.. then we also went holiday plaza jalan jalan.. we went dining.. abe also went back by train to kl.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

presenting Raul Iman B Affindi

my lil bro yoooo -
for better look.. wait for the latest version next week heheh

and of course me! with my beloved "syusyu"

Thursday, May 01, 2008

My new Bro

hi friends and family..
i'm officially a big bro to my small bro..
I'm eiffel amani b. affindi
my lil bro is called
raul iman b. affindi
he was born on 24th april 2008 - at johor specialist - 12.30 am
>>>>> OPPPS CORRECTION 28/04/2008
he was 3.14 in weight and 49cm long ( exactly like me when i was born)
so.. check his blog soon.. he's only 4 days old today.. so give it some time..
and soon.. you'll meet him officially at

salam from big bro eiffel !